About us

The Global Assistance Foundation (GAF) started in 2010 fulfilling a dream in the heart of it's president, Silair Almeida who saw the dire need for assistance that the Haitian people and the two villages in the Amazon had. After meeting with a group of concerned friends, they realized the need for an organization that would reach out more people, and in turn have a greater impact on the world. That is when they started Global Assistance Foundation.  The Global Assistance Foundation has its base in Pompano Beach, Florida, but our areas of support are Haiti and Amazon, Brazil. Today GAF counts on groups of volunteers who travels every two months to Haiti to visit the orphanage, distributing clothes, gifts, hygiene products, besides working in the expansion of the property.

Together We Can Change The World


Global Assistance Foundation is a non-profit organization and is able to exist because of the generous support of people like you! We are a registered 501(c)(3) so your donation is tax deductible.

Get Involved

Global Assistnace Foundation is always looking for people with a heart for others. Join us in changing the world by volunteering, partnering with us or going on a trip that will change your life forever!

Our Mission

Our mission is to open doors so that people without hope, can dream and fulfill their dreams and to prepare people to build a better world leaving a legacy for future generations.

Our Goals

To eradicate hunger
To eradicate poverty
To eradicate illiteracy
Leadership training

Our Vision

We all can make a difference in our generation and leave a legacy for the next. The dimension of this legacy, however varies from person to person. Regardless of the dimension, all of us can leave a legacy. We want to leave a legacy of helping people who, because of harsh circumstances are prevented from fulfilling their dreams.
We at Global Assistance Foundation have the certainty that together with your help, we can leave a great legacy. We believe that we can change the reality of many people.Together we can open doors to fulfill dreams that have otherwise been forgotten, by the lack of opportunity and help.This is why I urge everyone to join us in this challenge. Please join us in opening doors for the future of those in need!

Silair Almeida

Our Team

Silair Almeida


Cleber Machado


Sandra Freier

Executive Secretary